Have you ever wondered what life was like for someone before a ravenous drug addiction took over their life and destroyed everything they had? Well, there's a saying. When it rains, it pours. When life throws you curve balls, you can either duck and get out the way, or get hit. Some will dodge and duck, others will unfortunately get struck, and struck hard. And not only will they get struck, but they'll get knocked down and imprisoned to bottomless misery. 

Maureen Warren, a mother of three and a devoted wife, suddenly finds herself caught up in an unimaginable tragedy. Her husband, Kurt, of twelve years was tragically killed in an armed robbery coming home from work on his eldest daughter's birthday. Being the absolute love of her life, his untimely death quickly sends Maureen into a sinking depression. 

But refusing to give in and needing to be strong for her family, she fights to make it another day for their sake. Unfortunately soon after her husband's death, she finds herself in a midst of an explosive financial crisis, and now it seems like life isn't going to give her a break. 

She becomes the unfortunate victim of a life insurance scam. And then just a few months later, she loses her long time job as a classroom assistant. Damn near reaching the bottom, in comes the suave and handsome Demetrius Watkins, CEO and President of Watkins & Associates, a black-owned accounting firm based in Chicago. Just at the right time he proves to be the light Maureen needs in her troublesome darkness. 

After randomly meeting Mr. Watkins, he extends his help to Maureen by offering her a high paying assistant job in his office. As the two commence their work relationship, soon they find themselves becoming more than just co-workers, but lovers. 

Demetrius' charm and charisma convinces Maureen to open up more and to live life more fearlessly -- he introduces her to cocaine. Resistant at first, she eventually finds herself with a growing habit that soons turns into an all out addiction. 

Demetrius soon makes his moves to stamp out Maureen's deceased husband's legacy and make inroads as the new man in her and her children's lives. Successful at winning them over, Demetrius is now the "man" of the house - doing everything a loving husband and father should do. 

But as time unfolds, a few secrets begin to come out of Demetrius' past. Although Maureen ends up overlooking these revealed skeletons for the sake of holding onto this new relationship, she will soon learn that Demetrius has other secrets that will ultimately lead to her losing everything and ripping her family a part. 

Read this gut wrenching, emotionally thrilling urban fiction drama that serves more like a cautionary tale about how addiction can destroy anyone -- including you. 

Read more in CRACK HOE DREAMS by best-selling author QUAN MILLZ!

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