The SpyCo Novella Series features a modern revival of the pulp spy thrillers. Packed full of narrow escapes, cunning agents, beautiful foils, and larger-than-life bad guys, these stories of international espionage will give you a ride you won’t soon forget. Now you can get adventures 4-6 in one convenient, spell-binding volume!

The second collection of SpyCo adventures, Assignment: Danger, brings more thrilling escapades across the globe: Sydney, Alaska, and Dublin. These three books develop the characters and deepen the plots.

Assignment: Sydney - When an Australian scientist develops technology capable of revolutionizing nuclear missile warfare, North Korea's rogue government will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. Straight from a harrowing mission in Istanbul, top SpyCo agent James Burke is dispatched to head off disaster. Little does he know he will face one of the most difficult decisions of his career.

Assignment: Alaska - With billions of dollars of mineral rights at stake, a Russian agent is dispatched to assassinate the Governor of Alaska. SpyCo chief J. Carlton Moore pulls James Burke and Lyndsey Moore from their long-deserved vacation in Hawaii and sends them into the frozen wilds of Alaska to intercept the enemy operative. A thrilling read that moves at breakneck speed, Assignment: Alaska will keep you guessing until the very end.

Assignment: Dublin - When Agents Archer and Fox undertake the field training for SpyCo's newest recruit, they could never have imagined how wrong things could go. A familiar foe has come into view, bringing along a new and dangerous threat. With Burke and Perry temporarily out of action, reinforcements are not an option, leaving the training team on their own against ever-mounting odds. The action runs fast and fierce in this blazing new addition to the SpyCo thriller series. New dangers, higher stakes, more evil villains...and somebody won't make it out alive

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  • Release Date: 2018-02-10