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Dr. Andy Tyrell seemed to be part of a dying breed—an honest scientist. His genius, combined with naive innocence put his career and his life into harm's way. When biotech giant, SynSanto contracted with him to prove their herbicide safe, Dr. Tyrell had unwittingly signed his own death warrant.

When a ghost refuses to enter the world of the dead, everything started to flip upside down, and the same happens in this horror mysterious story Set in small village in Maryland, when a female ghost (Emily), who was murdered, appears in front of a government official (Brian) and pleads for the man to punish her murderer. The government official then attempts to appease her anger and do as she wishes. Brian is a man who has the power to see and hear ghosts. He heads for a small town in Maryland looking for his mother. His mother was missing for 10 years. While walking with his servant (Charley), Brian sees a ghost named Emily while she was being chased by ghost hunter Dust. Brian pretends to not see them, as this is his usual routine when he comes across ghosts. Brian is appointed as a sheriff and Emily begs him after finding out that he can see her to find who killed her. The sheriff agrees but he continues his quest for his mother and Emily, fed up from living like a ghost, asked god to revive her, the following day, she found that she was human again and she starts looking for the reason of her death. Brian falls in love with Emily as she was very spontaneous and beautiful and didn’t want her to die again, but something was puzzling, Emily was carrying the ornament of Brian’s mother, and he started to get attracted more to Emily because he believed she must know something; and all she had to do was to regain her memory.

Cravenwood’s reputation is that of murder and madness. Chelsea and her paranormal investigation team have chosen this location as their newest location. The daughter of a medium, Chelsea has forsaken her mother’s beliefs and spends her time trying to debunk haunted sites.
Chelsea’s team includes her boyfriend and cameraman Devon, his twin brother and sound tech Turner, and Turner’s boyfriend Jeff. Together the four are locked in to Cravenwood for Hell Week, the same calendar week as the infamous Dorset murders took place. A non-believer in the paranormal, Chelsea is ready to debunk this famous site.
Cut off from the outside world, and forced to deal with each other, the crew begins to experience strange events. Chelsea, whose mother told her she would one day inherit her gifts, begins to feel and see things in the house that she disregards as hallucinations. Will Chelsea be able to trust her senses?

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