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Cassie – a 15 – year – old, small town girl who is also a nature – lover falls into a trap while coming back from school one day. She is taken far away from home into a dark abyss by an unusual man. He clearly didn’t belong to the town, nor did he seem to have any manner of resemblance to the human kind. Who was he? What did he want? Read this story to find out more about Cassie’s shocking discovery as her story unravels with the most climatic of experiences.

After years of helping people with their psychological problems, James decided to move his wife and children to the country to start a new life. They purchased a home through an auction site that promised to make their dreams come true. Darlene would finally have a greenhouse to pursue her dreams, and the children would have the space to explore. The new life James and Darlene imagine is as picture perfect as their family.
James and Darlene’s children Jimmy and Mikey befriend the spirits of the house. Whereas the energy of the house slowly drives a wedge between their parents. A photo of the founding family brings questions about the origins of the property to the forefront.
Darkness lurks behind the walls of the house. The secret room James uncovers in the basement hides a secret that changes their lives forever. 
The legacy of the McRae family will bring the past charging into the present.

One night after long hours of studying in the library, Michelle heard what seemed to be an inexplicable incantation from below the women’s bathroom. Goaded by her impulses, she found herself exploring the eerie basement of the library. Much to her horror, she saw a red-cloaked human-like figure performing a gruesome ritual. Who is this red-cloaked man? What kind of ritual is it performing? These questions endlessly circled through her mind, and she found herself drawn to the bizarre markings and the obscure rituals of black magic and occult. After encountering the mysterious red-cloaked man again, she began to suspect her friend, Anne, her geeky roommate who loves witchcraft and sorcery, of being the culprit. Meanwhile, she is also compelled to face the amnesia-like illness that had plagued her life since she was a child. With her childhood friend, Nathan, she learns about the real nature of her disease, albeit reluctantly.

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