Crochet Mandala:

Get Creative and Make Some of These Adorable Crochet Mandala and Rugs

A beautiful crochet rug can make any room more inviting. Making your own requires some basic crochet stitches and some free time. This book will teach you what you need to know to create your own beautiful mandala rug. You can customize the colors and size of your rug to match the decor of any room you choose.
A soft mandala rug in the play room is a perfect place for kids to sit and play or relax and watch TV. You can make one to keep your feet cozy when you step out of the shower or when you climb out of bed. The decor ideas are endless and so are the rug designs!

This book will provide simple instructions for creating your own mandala rugs. Each patter will also give information on the hook sizes and yarn type used, along with how much you will need. These patterns are easy to follow and they use common crochet stitches, even a beginner can these beautiful rugs. This book includes:

  • Rectangular rugs

  • Circular and oval rugs

  • Motif rugs

  • How to make and dye T-shirt yarn

  • Non-slip techniques for rugs

  • Front and back loop stitches

  • Fringes and picot edging

Almost any crochet technique can be adapted to make a rug, but some ideas work better than others, so follow the patterns’ suggestions carefully until you find your own methods. Each pattern is created by a crochet expert based on their own techniques and experience, with links to tutorials and more instructions throughout. Everything you need to get started making beautiful crochet rugs for your home is right here.

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