This is the first of a series that must be read in order!

Beatrice Addington, dutiful daughter to prestigious corporate lawyer, Wallace Addington, craves lustful adventure. Desperate to flee her gilded cage, her brazen desires tempt her to stray from her sterile environment in search of intrigue. She finds a hotbed of forbidden sin at The Sliver, a mysterious nightclub in New York City. Finally free, but afraid to voice her truest desires, she scrawls them on a napkin, desperate to give them wings.

It’s New Year’s Eve and she is not starting 2018 as the same old Beatrice…

Micah Alessi seethes with a burning need for revenge against the man who stole a rare, lucrative chance at investing in Infidelity. A young, single millionaire, new to the scene, Micah finds more closed doors than open, and out of reach opportunities reserved for investors with old money and socialites on their arms. The time has come for him to enter into an Infidelity contract of his own for companionship that will open doors getting him closer to the vengeance he yearns for.

But first, he must see about this regal stranger with the haunted eyes languishing at the bar…

***This is part of a three novella series that follows the romance of one couple...kinda like another ultra popular series we all know *wink, wink*.

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  • Release Date: 2018-01-08