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" If you are looking for an inspiring read look no further than the 'A Journey Of Riches' book series. The books are an inspiring collection of short stories, that will encourage you to embrace life even more.

I highly recommend you read one of the books today!'

~ Kara Dono
Intuitve Coach, Doula & International Best Selling Author

'A must read for anyone facing major changes or challenges in life right now.This book will give you the courage to move through any challenge with confidence, grace, and ease.'

~ Jo-Anne Irwin - Transformational Coach & Best Selling Author

"This next chapter in A Journey of Riches book series will inspire and motivate you to move through any challenge or change in your life! This is a must read for anyone facing major challenges right now"

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I created this book and chose the different experts to share their personal insights, wisdom, and experiences to assist people who may be going through challenges, adversities, or changes similar to those of the authors.

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How to make empowering choices in your life.
What is choice and how you can manage the decisions in your life.
How to manage your mindset.
Discover the strength of the human spirit.
Learn the spiritual meaning of choices
Gain insights into developing trust with your choices
Why it's important to have a vision for your life
And Much, much more!

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Choices in life are a given, but how we make them and find ways to thrive varies from person to person. A Journey of Riches 'Making Empowering Choices' is the 7th anthology book filled with personal stories of people who’ve overcome adversity, dealt with minor setbacks, or experienced life-altering changes. They share details of how they found their footing and learned to carry on and live a rich and abundant life.

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I got immense value and knowledge from all the authors in this book and especially with the story from Theera Phetmalaigul, who shared his proven formula for success as well as a practical and insightful process for adapting to change. His story is truly inspiring and I highly recommend this book for anyone through their own journey of change and success.

John has brought together a wealth of writers to tell their inspiring stories in this collection. I love Kay for her well worn rose-tinted glasses, Isabella for her determination and Sharee for her philosophy. Everyone can take something from these stories.
~By P M Duckworth

The latest 'A Journey Of Riches' book of contributing authors is amazing. I haven't been able to stop reading it (until now when I feel compelled to write a review for others). Each chapter is so different and yet all follow the theme of 'find your dream and live your life to the maximum'. And refreshingly there's no 'get rich quick' or 'hype'. Just simple yet eloquent story telling.
By Paul Godden

Each contributor imparts sage advice, step-by-step suggestions to see you through difficulties, and share deeply personal stories that will resonate with anyone who has ever faced a difficult situation and is looking for wisdom, inspiration, and relatable information that will help to understand your life.

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