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Spring, Summer & Autumn Foraging: 35 Wild Edible Plants

Allow this book to help guide you back to being in sync with nature by learning about the edible plants and foods that grow in the wild just there for the picking.

If you are like most of us and live in an urban environment you will have dulled your senses.

One of your most important senses that is used when foraging for wild food sources is your sense of smell—this is dulled from living years within an urban setting and lifestyle.

When you are constantly surrounded by all kinds of forms of pollution such as smog, these will greatly diminish your scent capacity.

Many of us use our sense of smell and learn to block many smells that are offensive that we often come across when living in a big city. Because odors within the city are often not too sweet smelling; we city dwellers tend not to rely too heavily on our sense of smell.

With the tips and suggestions within these pages learn how to fine tune your senses once again so that when you are out wandering in the woods you will be able to zero-in on a plant with a strong fragrance, this is the first step to what is referred to as the ‘edibility test’ in regards to foraging for foods in the wild.

Learn how to pay special attention to figure out what is emitting from a plant in its odor, along with so much more.

Learn how to:

  • forage in different seasons

  • know what plants are ready to forage during different seasons

  • prepare prepare wild edibles

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