Meet Rasheed and Hakeem Harding: two brothers who never had it easy but still managed to survive. After losing both of their parents at a young age, they were left alone to hustle their way through life. However, each of them have different agendas when it comes to the game.

The moment that Rasheed meets Monday, he is shown something he's never had: love. He and Monday have a strong connection that neither one of them can deny. Yet, they have no other choice but to deny it because Monday is tied to Rasheed's friend, Remy, and Rasheed is tied to avenging his father's death by taking away the only person that his father's murderer loves the most, which is his precious daughter, Mya.

Hakeem is willing to convive, manipulate and deceive as he claws his way the top. One of the people in his destructive path is his very own brother, Rasheed. Using his brother's loyalty to him, Hakeem has constructed the perfect plan to get rid of the person that stole Hakeem's way into the game and to replace all that he has taken from his brother. As Hakeem executes this plan, his love life violently unfolds as his girlfriend, Kiesha, stumbles upon his secrets, just as her own are being brought to light.

Along with these brothers and lovers, are a host of best friends and homeboys that add to their tangled web of love, lust and treachery.

In this new, Urban Fiction, drama, the Harding brothers are faced with lies, secrets, murder, and deceit that will turn them against each other. As Hakeem loses control, he wonders if he will be able to keep the love of both his girl and his brother. While Rasheed falls in love, he finds himself falling and landing between two women. Will Hakeem manage to scheme his way to the top? And what will happen when Rasheed realizes that while blood is thicker than water, there are plenty times when water will be there when family isn't?