This compilation will be the first general publication of the military records of the war, and will embrace all official documents that can be obtained by the compiler, and that appear to be of any historical value.
While many versions of this publication exist online, there is no version available to download as a single file, that can be read without putting up with an unacceptable number of errors. This project seeks to rectify this situation. Each page has been reproduced word for word from the original 1884 publication originally posted online. Corrected for errors. And posted to appear page-for-page as close to the original publication as is possible in the E-pub format. Parts II and III of this Volume will follow, and if you agree with the purpose and importance of this project, additional Volumes will follow as my work schedule permits. I thank you for your consideration, and hope that you find this offering as useful as I hope it has the potential to be.

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