This book is a beginner's guide to nine (9) basic hand sewing and embroidery stitches.

Hand sewing, by definition, is any type of sewing that is executed using a needle and thread. This can be joining two pieces of fabric, embroidering designs, sewing buttons onto garments and stitching hems.

Embroidery, is one of the most artistic forms of hand sewing . The stitches outlined in this book are basic, but as you progress with stitching, you will discover that each basic stitch has more advanced varieties.

Beginner sewing enthusiasts can use the information in this book to learn the art of hand sewing for practical and decorative purposes.

By reading and practising the basic stitches, a novice sewer can quickly become adept at hand sewing. Intermediate level hand sewers can also benefit from revising hand sewing techniques and making use of the clever tips they might not know about.

If you are embarking on learning the basic hand sewing stitches this book will demonstrate to you, approach the exercise with enthusiasm.

If your first efforts are not perfect, don't be discouraged. It takes time and practice to become adept at any hobby. The more you stitch or embroider, the easier it will become. When you see your handiwork improve, it will spur you on to take on more involved projects.

By starting on easy stitching and gradually adding more complicated ones to your repertoire, you will grow in confidence until you are very proficient at this enjoyable craft.

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