Belief is one of the strongest forces you can have in order to overcome any obstacle. A sense of knowing you are not alone, that you matter, that you are worthy.
The Sisterhood ƒolios was created specifically to be a safe and nurturing place for women to share their life journeys and making their voices heard. These stories offer their challenges, their inspirations and clarity that come from the lessons. This is a place for them to be honored. It is a cathartic and inspirational experience for both the author and the reader.
Born To Be Me is the second volume in this series.
These 19 women take you on their journeys of self discovery as they unveil their emotional and inspirational life stories. They share their deepest thoughts, fears and experiences as they learn about themselves through overcoming the obstacles and tests life has thrown at them. Their voices shine a light on your path and help guide you. Know that you are not alone. Their courage and strength is a gift to us all.
Reading Born To Be Me will touch your heart and your soul. You will identify with these women and their stories. You will gain strength from their strength. Learn about yourself by learning about others. Gain the confidence of knowing you are part of a sisterhood. Born To Be Me will help you look forward to a rich life yet to be lived.