After being exposed by none other than Lucifer himself, Azari fights with everything within to keep her marriage afloat. Her pleas continuously fall on death ears while the constant thought of her son not being her husband's eats away at her heart. How does she cope with the fact remaining that she could possibly lose the one person that loved her flaws and all?

Easton is dealing with more than he can bare but he knows he can't give up. With his first wife back in the picture, Easton finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place almost folding under all of the pressure. With his mother and father lurking with their own motives, Easton fights against all odds until he succeeds at what he wants.

Can Easton and Azari get it together? Or is their marriage too far damaged to be fixed? Relationships and loyalty is tested repetitively but who will come out on top?