Contains the 2018 Nebula nominated novelette - Weaponized Math by Jonathan Brazee! Thirty-one talented authors. Twenty-eight remarkable stories. One incredible science fiction collection.

The universe is expanding and these are some of its stories. Bestselling and debut authors have created worlds where invasions are apocalyptic and space empires are in peril. The universe is beyond our understanding… or is it?

This collection will include new and unique stories from NY Times/USA Today/Amazon bestselling authors, and now, a Nebula nominated author, too - here they are.
Craig Martelle
Mike Kraus
Richard Fox
Chris Fox
Jonathan Brazee
S.M. Schmitz & Lisa Blackwood
Terry Mixon
Christian Kallias
C.C. Ekeke
Bill Patterson
Zen DiPietro
Amy DuBoff
J.A. Cipriano & Conner Kressley
Kevin McLaughlin
M.D. Cooper
Andrew Dobell
Michael La Ronn
BC Kellogg
Robert Jeschonek
Emily Walker
Scott Moon
T.M. Catron
Yudhanjaya Wijeratne
JR Handley
Mikey Campling
Laura & Daniel Martone
Danny A. Brown