Here You Will Find The Most Popular And Delicious Smoking Fish Recipes That Will Make Your Cooking Much More Interesting!

Sitting with a fishing pole on the bank of a river or lake, real anglers are already thinking about what they will do with their catch, especially a large catch. No doubt, the true fisherman knows all the secrets and rules of smoking fish in a smoker, but if you are new to this or just want new recipes, this book is for you. Fishing and bringing home a good catch is great, but the main pleasure is when that fish is turned into delicious dishes! In fact, after trying real smoked fish once, you will become an enthusiastic smoker, even if that fish was not caught by you.

The aromatic, tempting smoked fish is one of the most delicious appetizers.Smoked fish is distinguished by a unique aroma, taste and appearance. Of course, in most cases, nowadays, it appears on the table only when we buy it in the store.Unfortunately, what we buy in the stores does not nearly reflect a freshly smoked fish. No worries, because there is a solution -very simple and affordable ways to smoke fish at home and make delicious fish dishes with your own hands.Even if you are new to smoking, the process just seems complicated and with the help of this book, you will soon find yourself caught in this amazing process of smoking fish and then, savoring the delicious smoked fish.

A smoker, required for the preparation of smoked fish at home, is affordable to most people and it will not take much space. You might even have one already sitting around.So, get that smoker and fish and this book will help you do the magic. In this book, you will learn about hot and cold smoking methods, what wood and fish are the best for smoking and how to prepare and smoke fish. More than 60 recipes of smoking different kinds of fish with a variety of brines and marinades are gathered for you in this book. Enjoy smoked fish with your family and friends!


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