Her world has turned upside down.

Mazie Wright’s life has been a rollercoaster ride since the start of her senior year.

Her parents dropped the “adoption” bomb on her, she became fast friends with the new girls in town and had some interesting run-ins with a former best friend. She learned about the existence of shifters not long before being kidnapped by some.

The past few weeks had been an emotional whirlwind and she was proud of herself for keeping her head. She’d managed it all, but the one thing she couldn’t handle was Conner O’Reilly and how easily she could fall for him.

He was no longer playing games.

Conner O’Reilly had always been the fun loving, mischievous jokester. From a very young age, he was an evil mastermind of harmless troublemaking. Pulling pranks on unsuspecting pack members was his favorite pastime. Whether it was a solo mission or he had roped Colt and Dane into something foolish. It didn’t matter. Fun times were always had by all.

One night would change everything for him and his brothers. The destruction of his pack would nearly cast out his lighthearted spirit. Running away and leaving everyone they knew behind to die had paid its toll.
They had found a safe place in Winago Heights. Time pasted and they began to heal, but his wolf never lost his edginess.

Something was coming and it all began when he heard an angel say his name.

Destined is not a standalone novella. You must read Potential and Intended before you can truly enjoy this installment of The Potential Series.

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  • Release Date: 2017-05-16
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