A group of friends in Hitler’s Germany defy the diktats of the Führer in ways that put their young lives in gravest danger.
Werner, sent to a reformatory for his “anti-state attitude”, is drafted into the German army, deserts during the invasion of Poland, and joins the Polish Underground. Bram emigrates to Paris with his Jewish family and enlists in the French Resistance. Rona, after her husband is murdered in London, follows Werner to Warsaw and risks her life to smuggle Jewish children out of the inhuman ghetto. Erich and his Polish wife Roksana rescue a young Jewish Communist from certain death in Warsaw and suffer the terrible consequences: hard labour in separate concentration camps.
BRANDT is a seamless weave of history and fiction, the fabric of a dark chapter of the story of Europe, a tapestry of lives lived under the barbaric regime of Hitler’s National Socialism. The characters in this unsparing novel are the strands woven into a drama of diverse people in Germany, Poland, France, and England. Their story celebrates the unquenchable spirit to survive the horror and to conquer the evil of a brutal tyranny.

Praise for Ron Duffy’s novels

Duffy has a talent for portraying human conflict in its most multi-dimensional form.
BC BookWorld, Winter 2012, reviewing The Unquiet Land

It is an honour and pleasure to read such exceptional writing.
Ben Nuttall-Smith, author, reviewing In Turbulent Times

A gifted writer and storyteller.
Whistler Independent Book awards, 2016, reviewing O’Hanlon

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