Detective Orlando Trovatelli is a glutton for punishment when it comes to matters of the heart and not even his shifter instincts can keep him on course.

It’s bad enough that he has feelings for the Vampire Queen, who is mated to one of the most powerful males of the Tehrex Realm, but then he falls for Jaidis, a mated cambion. He clings to the pathetic excuse that Jaidis’s mate is abusing her and the Goddess will reconsider and give Jaidis to Orlando in the end. He learns how wrong he is the night he arrives at Jaidis’s house to find her lying in a pool of her own blood while struggling to save her unborn baby. Orlando is prepared to move heaven and earth to save Jaidis’s life, but ultimately all he can guarantee Jaidis is that he will protect her unborn son.

Struggling with his new responsibilities, Orlando isn’t prepared to deal with the aftermath of the new archdemons. With his Omega on one side of the fence and Zander on the other, Orlando is forced to choose between his loyalty to the Dark Warriors and disclosing their existence to humans.

After everything Orlando has been through, he questions the Goddess and whether his faith in her has been in vain.