A Martian, a pilot, a navigator, and a colony brat battle to stop an alien invasion.

Hostile aliens called Shadows are invading Earth, and ex-starship security officer Jas Harrington and her friends have been fighting them. But Earth’s Global Government refuses to acknowledge the alien threat—it’s been infiltrated and Shadows stalk its corridors.

Only the Transgalatic Council can help humanity now, but to convince it of Earth’s peril and enlist its aid, Jas needs evidence that Shadows are living among humans. She’s kidnapped a government minister who she believes is a Shadow. With a living example of the alien threat, the Council will have to believe her.

But Jas may have made a terrible mistake. Is the minister really a Shadow? If she isn’t, and Jas can’t prove that the invasion is happening, Earth will burn and fall, and the galactic empire will follow.

Burned is Book Six in the fast-paced, action-packed Shadows of the Void space opera serial.

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“This series just gets better with each new instalment.”

“...easily one of the best serial shorts I have read in a long time...”

“This book is full of adventure, battles and mystery.”

“You just keep looking forward to the next page in this series.”

“...the characters are well developed.”

“I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

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