On the cover: "Written So You Can Understand It," "Diving Mechanics, Page 145."

Classified advertisements
Aubrey O. Cookman, Jr., "College on Ice"
"Hook, Line and Sinker"
"Mercy Jumpers"
"Shopping List for Motorists"
"Headed for the Speedway"
L. H. Nagler, "How Your Car Shifts for Itself"
Bob Ruskauff, "Stepping Up the Speedboats"
Joseph S. Baer, "The Workshop Rolls to School"
"What's New for Your Home"
"Terrain Models of Rubber"
"School for Linemen"
Maxwell Reid Grant, "Hungry Plants Guide the Ore Prospector"
"Supersonic 'Sleds'"
Clifford B. Hicks, "The Old Red Barn Is Vanishing"
Andrew Hamilton, "Diving Mechanics"
Walter E. Burton, "Doll Doctor"
Thomas E. Stimson, Jr., "Hotel to the Orient"
Mel Wharton, "Feudal Craftsmen of the Movies"
Hi Sibley, "Outdoor Fireplace of Poured Concrete"
"Solving Home Problems"
Willard Allphin, "All-Purpose Kneehole Desk"
Dick Hutchinson, "Hammered Copper Bowls"
Hi Sibley, "Three-Wheel Garden Barrow"
W. Van B. Claussen, "Row Your Canoe"
Paul Hadley, "Wild Flowers for 'Tame' Gardens"
"Hints to Help Solve Fishing Problems"
R. W. Emenhiser, "Farm Truck Has Hydraulic Lift"
Phil Ruskin, "Watch Your Spark Plugs"
John P. Arnold, "Edge-Lighted Signs in Plastic"
Edward Colby, "'Sea Craft'—a 25-Ft. Cabin Cruiser," part III
"Eliminating Television 'Ghosts'"
Joseph Vanella, "Four-Tube Super Broadcast Tuner for Use with Any Audio Amplifier"
"Clinic for Homemakers"
"He Can Blow Back at Autos"
"Airplane Gun Camera Converted for Peace"
"Amputees Grip Hand Tools Securely with Holding Devices"
"700-Horsepower 'Dozer' Chops Roots below Ground"
"Reel for Long Extension Cords"
"Rocket Test Tunnel 'Climbs' to 50 Miles"
"Train 'Space' Board Spots Empty Seats"
"'Striking' Paint for Match Covers"
"'Fist Grip' Drill"
"Trolley Fire Ladder"
"Dispenser Ends Fumbling for Cigarette by Driver"