Over two dozen writers from North Carolina or with deep ties to the Tarheel State band together to raise money for LGBTQ charities in Charlotte and North Carolina as a response to the NC General Assembly's passage of HB2, the "bathroom bill."

We are not discrimination.
We are not hate.
We are not fear.
We are not oppression.
We Are Not This.

Table of Contents

TL;DR - by Michael G. Williams
Trapped - by Theresa Glover
The Slave Trader's Wedding - by AJ Hartley
In the Pasture - by David Childers
The Gem of Acitus - by Jay Requard
The Map of the Way - by Kay McSpadden
For Small Creatures Such as We - by Jennifer Julian
Behind the Canvas - by Caryn Sutorus
Hair Shirt Drag - by Gordon White
Another Way - by S.H. Roddey
Ebony - by Andrea Judy
A Rose, A Dragon - by T. Frock
One-Up-One-Down - by Jake Bible
Out of the Shadows - by Darin Kennedy
The Seventh Sunrise - by James P. McDonald
The Butcher's Witch - by Stuart Jaffe
Headstrong - by Nicole Givens Kurtz
Buttons - by Gail Z. Martin
A Dear, Lovely Thing - by Natania Barron
Scorpio Rising - by C.R.R. Lavene
The Color of Love - by Tamsin Silver
Our Lady of the Flowers Saved My Life - by Charlotte Henley Babb
Threshold Sanctuary - by Erin Penn
God Don't Like Ugly - by Tonia Brown
My Name - by Calandra Usher
The Soldier Who Swung at the End of a Thread - by M. David Blake
Inverted Perception - by Faith Naff
Missing Muse - by Melissa McArthur
Bog - by Trevor Curtis
Lovebite - by Jason Gilbert
The Dark Lady - by Lucy Blue
Rallying for Regular Lives - by Joanne Spataro

Proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to support LGBTQ charities and non-profits in North Carolina.