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The Cop Took My Backdoor! (The Wife’s Public First Anal Sex)
A Sex with Stranger Erotica Story

Boy did I do it this time! I was looking at my third ticket, and I decided to try to flirt my way out of it. I got a little aggressive and before I knew it I was in handcuffs! I only intended to flirt but that wasn’t all that happened. Hell no! Before I knew it, I was bent over and giving up my tiniest and tightest hole! I had my first anal sex with a stranger and it happened out in public! How the hell am I supposed to explain that moving violation to my husband?

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Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including rough first anal sex, reluctant first anal sex, first anal sex with a stranger, group first anal sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

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2. Bent Over at the Pool: My Very Rough First Anal Sex Experience
A Rough Sex in Public Erotica Story
I just had to have the hot lifeguard, so when Nathaniel had a break, I invited him to meet me behind the pool concession stand. It was so amazing to do it outside where someone could catch us! The thing that was really crazy, though, was that I encouraged him to be rough with me, something I’d never done before. Things got really rough, though, when he decided to give me my first anal sex experience!


(A Reluctant Public Sex erotica story)

Janey doesn’t really want to go on the blind date her friend arranged for her, but Mitch seems like a nice enough guy, and he takes her to an authentic British pub. Evidently, they know him there. She figures it out when he takes her to a booth, pulls off all her clothes, and proceeds to fuck her like she’s never been fucked before. Nobody in the pub seems surprised at all! It’s not just blind date sex, it’s sex in public, and before the night is through, Janey will have her first anal sex experience and discover what it means to be noticed.

4. Callie on Display
A Public Gangbang Erotic Short

Callie lives a normal quiet life, so she’s amazed when her mousy friend Melissa suddenly has a great deal of confidence and energy. What’s the secret? It’s a special club, and Melissa has arranged for Callie to have her own time at the club. Of course, Callie didn’t know the time would mean a cock in every hole! That’s what the club specializes in, though, every single hole and a whole audience will be watching…

5. The Italian, the Public Restroom, and My Backdoor
A First Anal Sex in Public Erotica Story

I was a young woman in Italy and I sure as hell should have been enjoying myself but I wasn’t. It was horrible, in fact. The weather was terrible and I didn’t realize that almost all of Italy shut down in August while people went on vacations. I was depressed and bored and I couldn’t even get a flight back home. Maria Elena, the girl at the hotel, took pity on me and took me out for some non-touristy stuff. She had plans though. She set me up with an Italian man at a bar and before I knew it, I was in the bathroom bent over!