Champions is an anthology of more than thirty of the best fantasy stories that the online writing community has to offer; from spells gone wrong to prisons for gods and much more.

This anthology brings together the winning stories from the monthly competitions of Reddit's FantasyWriters forum with each story demonstrates the vivid and extraordinary worlds that the fantasy genre has to offer. The competitions these stories won range from the end of 2011 until the middle of 2015, meaning that the entries in Champions cover almost every kind of fantasy genre you can think of. With over thirty stories this anthology showcases a wide range of tales and demonstrates what it is we most love about fantasy tales: that anything is possible.

The relevant writing prompt also appears alongside each entry, giving you the opportunity to try your hand at writing something yourself, and each writer weaves a wonderful story for you to enjoy.

This anthology features stories from:
Ken Lim, Ian Michael Everett, Lesley Taylor, Ryan Hampton, David Eubanks, Alex Woods, Christine S.R. Jackson, David Babcock, B Lynch, Louise Stanley, G. T. Holmes, C. C. Lewer, Ryan Hampton, Anthony Pinggera, Eric Lange, Devon Young, Andrew Meyer, A.M. Adams, Andrea Stewart, Paul Nabil Matthis, Eamon Brenner, and more…