Academics old and new are using Twitter and whether you're a seasoned tweeter or a newbie, this book is filled with useful guides on setting up a fantastic Twitter account that will not only look good but attract the right people. For the experienced user this book discusses ways to manage your account and find new ways of enhancing your experience to get more out of your time on and off Twitter.
While some academics use Twitter very well others are left on the side-lines unsure of what to say, how to gain followers, or understand the types of language used. Even if one does know how to use Twitter there are many improvements that can be made to make Twitter work better for the user and their career. Finding the confidence to use Twitter is a problem for many academics and this easy-to-use e-book explains in simple steps how to overcome many obstacles to then go on to run active and successful account.
This book is written by an early career science researcher who graduated from the University of Oxford in 2014. Throughout her PhD this researcher used social media, especially Twitter, to successfully help her through her studies, promote her research and gain collaborators. With anecdotes and advice from invited academics, this eBook is a culmination of popular articles from the author’s blog, The Online Academic, as well as much much more new unpublished material.
The contents of this book has already encouraged and helped many academics use Twitter helping them enhance their careers and find confidence and more encouragement to use this very powerful social media tool.
The book comes complete with a set of fun worksheets.

Sections included in this eBook:
1. Why (should) academics use Twitter
2. A foundation in Twitter
3. Tweeting: from basics to best
4. Common problems and how to deal with them
5. Analytics and Apps
6. Using Twitter at conferences and events
7. Twitter hacks and cheats
8. Worksheets

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  • Release Date: 2016-04-26