Welcome to the Campfire.

Did you ever go camping as a kid and sit around the fire at night listening to scary stories? Creepy Campfire Quarterly features horror fiction from the most talented writers across the globe. Dark, disturbing, dramatic, or just down right creepy, these stories will entertain you. And perhaps the next time you are around a campfire, you’ll find yourself recounting a few of these haunting tales…
Featuring works from the newest crop of modern horror writers:

James E. Coplin
D.J. Schuette
Jeffrey Todd
Morgan Griffith
Tom Breen
Nick Nafpliotis
Vincent Salvati
Ryan Neil Falcone
Christopher Hivner
David Neilsen
Jim Cort
Lisamarie Lamb
Howard Rachen
Dale W. Glaser
Nancy J. Hayden
Fredrick Obermeyer
Jack Lee Taylor
Ambrose Stolliker