On the cover: "Discovery of the Year: Diary of a Civil War Hero: 'More Brutal than Andersonville'"--"Gunpoint Mission: 'Fly Me to Red China'"; "A New Way to Improve Your Sex Life"--"Death Plunge of the 8:28: Jersey's Worst Train Wreck."

Cover painting by Mel Crair.

Contents: Letters to the Editor ("Cat's Meow," "Body Beautiful," "One Man's Poison," "Photographic Memory," "Fast Service," etc.); "Diary of a Civil War Hero," by Michael Dougherty; "Ashes," by Donald Honig; "Death Plunge of the 8:28"; "Tony DeSpirito's Own Story: Jinxed Jockey," by Tony DeSpirito; "The Man Who Walked on Water," by Jack Ryan; "Case of the Emancipated Milquetoast," by Jack Dodge, Jr.; "Challenge of the Month" (girlie pictorial of Zahra Norbo), photographed by Herb Flatow; "The Nation That Defied Hitler" (on Switzerland), by Bill Wharton; "A New Way to a Happier Sex Life," by Frank Rasky ("Here is a modern, inexpensive solution for men and women seeking an answer to their innermost emotional and sexual problems"); "Gunpoint Mission: 'Fly Me to Red China,'" by Paul Ditzel ("Gaston saw Perlas slumped in his seat with a bullet hole through his brain--and the young co-pilot realized he was up against a ruthless Commie who meant to get to Red China even if he had to kill everybody aboard to do it").