New stories by: Kathy Stevens, Charles Wilkinson, Michael Chislett, S.M. Cashmore, Chloe N. Clark, and Jeremy Schliewe.

'Even the Veins of Leaves' by Chloe N. Clark. A sheriff's deputy sets off into a dense forest to search for missing teenagers. Local legend has it that there's a lost town in the woods, and that something strange dwells there...

'The Ground of the Circuit' by Charles Wilkinson. A wealthy couple take over a remote property in rural England, but can't get rid of a sitting tenant. The old man has some rather unusual ideas about life and death - theories he's been working on for quite a long time.

'Waiting for Breakfast' by S.M. Cashmore. Nothing is more important to a family than a nice, secure home. Callers are welcome, though - so long as they don't plan on leaving again.

'A Little Lost Thing' by Jeremy Schliewe. A middle-aged man meets a woman who remembers him. So why has he forgotten her, and what else has slipped his mind?

'Masque: The Herald of the Pest' by Michael Chislett. In a strange, decadent city a festival begins, despite the looming threat of a white plague. What will the great unmasking reveal?

'The Ghost on the Hill' by Kathy Stevens. On a bench a woman is joined by a young man. She is waiting for someone, and he is about to have a life-changing experience.