A wedding gone horribly wrong. A wizard's revenge. A comical quest across the Eleven Kingdoms.

Heroic champion Jason Cosmo is sure the royal wedding between wizard Mercury Boltblaster and Queen Raella will go off without a hitch. When an assassin's arrow cuts the ceremony short, Jason and Mercury take on a mission of bloody vengeance while the Eleven Kingdoms plunge into war.

Enemies old and new bar the way, but nothing will deter our heroes in their quest for justice. Not madmen, not monsters, not the mind-altering magic of a maniacal mastermind. When the trail leads to the demonic doorstep of the Dark Magic Society, Jason and Mercury must face their worst fears brought to life. Will our heroes pay the ultimate price?

Royal Crush continues the fast-paced, funny Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series, extending the comical exploits of the woodcutter-turned-hero.

The Jason Cosmo Fantasy Adventure Series:
1. Hero Wanted
2. Noble Cause
3. Royal Crush

  • Binding: Kindle Edition
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  • Manufacturer: Trove Books
  • Release Date: 2015-12-03