New tales off the weird, the disturbing, and the downright strange.

'Deletion' by Stephen McQuiggan
A man with a bad reputation in a small town finds himself the focus of unwanted attention. But why do so many people have trouble remembering his name?

'Before the Days of the Urban Fox' by Malcolm Laughton
'Suddenly Alyn looked back at the wall. A creature sat atop it—exactly where the dog stared. It was man-shaped, and it murmured and murmured.'

'Krogh's Remains' by C.M. Muller
Bereavement drives a woman to seek out a lost uncle, but he proves elusive. His obsession with books, on the other hand, is all too evident...

'What I Found in the Shed' by Tom Johnstone
'It had that strange, half-human, keening quality. But I knew it was a baby.'

'In Loco Mortis' by Mike Chinn
'What’s your name, by the way? I may have known once—but that’s something else I seem to have forgotten. No brain: no memory.'

'Exit Stage Left' by Jane Jakeman
Ugly Hell, gape not! Come not, Lucifer!
I’ll burn my books!

'The Sound of Children Playing' by Tim Foley
Schools are closed when there are too few children in the district to justify keeping them open. That makes sense. But things could have been very different.

'Retro Night' by James Everington
Middle-aged? Frustrated? Hoping to recapture your lost youth? Well, this is the night for you...