Nothing could be worse than foamers right?
America's days are numbered (as are the world's) and further evidence the catastrophe was manipulated by a secret power elite emerges.

More horrors abound in the second book of the Toward the Brink series. Our survivors, Elliot, Riley Mulhaven, Chuck (the Tall Man), and the others are forced to flee into the night as the dead attack.
They head north to Canada seeking shelter from the forthcoming storm. Will they find a safe haven or will the worst nightmare ever known continue?

Armed gangs of former police, military and survivalists roam the streets of the Mid-West and are as much of a danger as the foamers.
But there is also another, more hideous, creature lurking ready to strike.

As civilization begins its inevitable collapse, the government in Washington faces a coup of sorts as the big players in this conspiracy gone wrong, jockey for position while lesser known's take sides with whom they feel will triumph. There is concern among the elite that perhaps their plan backfired as they ask; "Will there be a world left to control?"
If you read "The Stand" or World War Z" or saw the movies "Dawn of the Dead" or "28 Days Later" then Toward the Brink is your series.
Toward the Brink 2 : The Apocalypse expands and doomsday approaches.

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  • Release Date: 2015-09-04
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