A college student falls for her female professor and since this particular younger woman is ready to start exploring her sexuality, she lets things go where they may. Before long, she’s enjoying her very first lesbian experience. That’s just one of the stories you’ll find in this collection so download now and it can be on your Kindle device in just seconds.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes reluctant sex, first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. The Crazy Dorm Room: A First Lesbian Sex Experience by Amy Dupont

Who the hell would have thought my first few seconds on campus would be walking in on my new dorm mate and two other girls! I couldn’t believe it, but when she walked up to me and started undressing me I couldn’t help myself! It was my first lesbian sex, and it happened with three girls!

2. Picked Up By Ava: A Lesbian Seduction by Alice Drake

After a terrible breakup with her boyfriend, she’s ready to get good and drunk and forget about things for a while. She’s certainly going to forget about her boyfriend, but it won’t be about the alcohol. Instead, the incredible and sultry Ava is there at the bar as well; and Ava is intent on making sure that no memory of a frustrating ex could possibly come to mind. How could the memories possibly break through the excitement, the sweetness, and the incredible power of her first lesbian experience?

3. Kissing Kassandra: A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short by Carolyne Cox
Mary is the female lead in a stage performance, and when the male lead is suddenly taken ill, the production has a real problem. His understudy is gone, and the only one who knows the lines is Kassandra, a lovely…GIRL! Makeup does wonders, and she pulls the role off without a hitch, but when it comes time for the leads to kiss, Mary is profoundly impacted, and before too long she finds herself alone with Kassandra for her very first lesbian sex experience.

4. My First Time with Fila: First Lesbian Sex with a Stripper by Brianna Spelvin

It was all spur of the moment, and I never expected to do anything like this. First, it was amazing to me that I would even go to a strip club! Then, I tipped the beautiful stripper a bunch of money! Then, I invited her back to my hotel room! Then, she did a private dance! What happened next deserves about a thousand exclamation points, my first lesbian experience!!!!

5. Tori Takes Over (And I Just Let Her!) A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Constance Slight

Usually I was very aggressive when it came to sex but for some reason, when Tori kissed me I was unable to function at all! I’d never been with a woman but she kissed me and then kissed me more and then her hands started wandering. Before I knew it, I was right in the middle of my very first lesbian sex! I don’t know if she was some kind of brilliant lesbian seduction expert or what. I do know that I couldn’t have stopped her if I wanted to… and I didn’t want to!