This 42nd issue, September–October 2014, has new horror and dark fantasy fiction by Sara Saab, Alyssa Wong, Noah Wareness, Matthew Cheney, David D. Levine, Kristi DeMeester, Stephen Hargadon. The cover art is by Dave Senecal, and interior illustrations are by Richard Wagner, Vincent Sammy, and Ben Baldwin. The usual features are present: Coffinmaker's Blues by Stephen Volk and Blood Pudding by Lynda E. Rucker (comment); Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee (DVD/Blu-ray reviews); Case Notes by Peter Tennant (book reviews), which includes an extensive interview with Carole Johnstone.

So Black Static is essentially a fiction magazine containing short stories in the horror and dark fantasy genres. But it covers other aspects of the genre via comment columns, reviews of books, movies, DVDs and TV.

Fiction this issue
Be Light. Be Pure. Be Close to Heaven by Sara Saab
Scarecrow by Alyssa Wong
What Happened to Marly and Lanna by Noah Wareness
Patrimony by Matthew Cheney
Goat Eyes by David D. Levine
December Skin by Kristi DeMeester
The Bury Line by Stephen Hargadon

The issue's artists are
Dave Senecal
Vincent Sammy
Richard Wagner
Ben Baldwin

Non Fiction this issue;
Blood Pudding - Lynda E. Rucker - columnist
Coffinmaker's Blues - Stephen Volk - columnist
Blood Spectrum - Tony Lee - DVDs/Blu-Ray reviews
Case Notes by Peter Tennant - book reviews
Interviewee - Carole Johnstone

Peter Tennant's Case Notes book and novella reviews this issue include
Friends & Family
Reviews of The Universal and Other Terrors by Tony Richards, The Lord Came at Twilight by Daniel Mills, News From Unknown Countries by Tim Lees, Severed and Savage by Gary Fry, Reaping the Dark and Where You Live by Gary McMahon.
Death and the Human Condition: Carole Johnstone
A review of Carole Johnstone's first collection, The Bright Day Is Done, and an extensive interview with the author.
More Friends & Family
Reviews of Monsters in the Heart by Stephen Volk, The Moon Will Look Strange by Lynda E. Rucker, Born With Teeth by Conrad Williams, and Where Furnaces Burn by Joel Lane.
The overarching theme to this issue's book reviews is authors who have had work published in Black Static, and there are 12 of 22 possibilities that made it into the magazine, though a couple more got rerouted to Interzone. No matter, as those who aren't reviewed this time round will be in a future issue.

Tony Lee's DVD reviews this issue:
The Raid 2, Bound, Faust, Lizzie Borden Took An Axe, A New York Winter's Tale, Killers, Painless, Blue Ruin, Wolf Creek 2, From Dusk Till Dawn Season One, Penny Dreadful, The Werner Herzog Collection, Miss Violence, Elsewhere, The Battery, The Unleashed, Cheap Thrills, Wasteland, Almost Human, The Cabin, The Quiet Ones, Varsity Blood, The Captive, The Mirror, Attack on Titan, Werewolf Rising