More people die in the winter than any other time of year for good reason - They were under-prepared! Whether in a pre-collapse or a post-collapse situation, don't become another victim of the Winter's deadly game. Learn everything you need to survive the winter with out fear in this special issue of Survivalist magazine.

Table of Contents: Issue Features: Winter Survival, Treating Hypothermia, Winter Bug-Out Bags, Winter Hunting Cautions, Ice Fishing, Creating an Outdoor Meat Locker, Winter Trapping Tricks,The Wild Edibles of Winter, Rehydrating Recipes, Stockpiling Canned Goods, Navigating Bodies of Frozen Water, Storing Water in the Winter, Winter Water Conservation, Mental Disorders Associated with Winter, Community Kitchens and Bunkhouses, How to Build an Igloo, Snowshoes and Sleds, How to Make Snowshoes and Sleds, Snow Removal Systems, Winter Wonderland Activities, Guide to Using Essential Oils for Survival, Safe Haven Security, Snow Patrols, What to Wear in Winter, Deadly Cold Rain, Harnessing the Winds of Winter, Using Water Wheels During Winter, Steam Engines, Rocket Stoves, Winter Wood Calculator, Firewood Measurements, Wood Species Heat Values Winter Solar Power, Holiday Gift Guide and more…

This Kindle edition is a direct reproduction of articles from the highly sought after print magazine. Only design graphics and ads have been removed for compatibility for all Kindle devices.

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