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Amazing-Man (John Aman) is a fictional, American comic book superhero whose adventures were published by Centaur Publications during the 1930s to 1940s in the Golden Age of Comic Books. Historians credit his creation to Bill Everett together with Centaur art director Lloyd Jacquet. The character influenced the creation and origin of Charlton Comics' 1960s superhero Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt, as well as Marvel Comics Iron Fist character in the 1970s. As was common practice during the period, Amazing-Man Comics did not have an issue #1. In fact, the series began with issue #5.

This issue includes the exploits of Amazing-Man, Ranch Dude, the Magician From Mars, the Iron Skull, Minimidget the Super-Midget, Chuck Hardy, Mighty Man, and the Shark.

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