This eBook contains the first five chapters of Unlearn Your Pain, along with a brief epilogue. Unlearn Your Pain offers the scientific information concerning the role of the brain in the development and perpetuation of chronic pain. Not all pain is caused by tissue damage. Many people actually have learned nerve pathways as the cause for their pain and these are reversible. Nerve pathways are responsible for most of our daily actions, such as speaking, chewing, gestures, riding a bicycle, and involuntary reactions to life events. Just as these actions are learned, pain can also be learned and remembered. This form of pain is very real and often very severe.

This revolutionary concept underlies the treatment approach described in Unlearn Your Pain. Cutting edge research has shown that physical pain and emotional pain activate the same regions of the brain and that is why emotional pain is closely tied to physical pain. Although few doctors recognize this connection, close examination of the lives of people with chronic pain typically reveals these connections.

This eBook details the science behind the role of the brain in chronic pain. You will be introduced to numerous research studies and case examples of people who have had severe chronic pain and who have recovered. The goal of Unlearn Your Pain is not to manage chronic pain, but to cure it. One chapter is designed as a self-help guide to examine your life and medical illnesses to determine if this concept of learned nerve pathways is likely to explain your pain. The epilogue consists of a guide to the steps you can take to heal your pain and direct you to resources for accomplishing that. This book does not contain the comprehensive treatment program found in the hard copy version of Unlearn Your Pain.