The sequel to the best-selling anthology "He Likes to Watch" turns the tables on the avalanche of recent anthologies featuring Femdom cheating fantasies, voyeur husbands and cuckold humiliation! This time, best-selling anthologist and acclaimed erotic author N.T. Morley has collected scorching-hot erotic stories portraying the erotic adventures of submissive wives whose Dominant men order them to serve men, women, or both!

Willingly or reluctantly, these women are handed over over to girlfriends, boyfriends, and even strangers -- in twos, threes, or rapacious gangs, depending on their Master's whim! These deeply horny wives may resist their Masters' orders at first -- but they'll learn to serve despite their protests! Their benefactors may tease and seduce them, or they may take what they want, using whips, chains and restraints to give these oversexed wives what they can't always admit they need!

The tales in "He Likes to Share" include a "girl" enjoying her "Daddy's" tender "gift" of a tarted-up human doll who loves to be spanked, a wife who serves her husband's friends orally while they're watching football, a pierced submissive "given" to the man with the needle to pay for her piercing, and many more taboo scenarios of forced exhibitionism, erotic humiliation, forced bisexuality, bondage, whipping, spanking, public sex and more.

With 12 stories and nearly 40,000 words of erotic fiction, "He Likes to Share" explores a wealth of taboo topics, bringing a whole new male-dominant, female-submissive dynamic to cuckold fantasies and voyeur husbands, swapping, swinging and shared submissives, not to mention slutwife and hotwife fantasies. In no time flat, this book will have your pink panties soaked or your tight leather pants bulging -- or, ir you prefer, maybe even both...

"He Likes to Share" is an explicit erotic anthology of male-dominant, female-submissive shared wife, threesome, group sex and gangbang fantasies. It concerns themes that some readers may find offensive, including Male Domination, female submission, forced exhibitionism, public sex, sex work, erotic pain, bondage, erotic humiliation, and other forms of sexual variation. Do not buy or read it if you might find such themes offensive.