***This novelette is also included in M Jet's terror collection, Pins and Needles***

Victoria Gallucci leads a simple, quiet life as a stay at home mom to her children Branson and Rue and home maker for her husband Abel. The only dark spot in their world came with trouble from Abel's atrocious ex wife, Lorali. But even that did not diminish their family bliss. Lorali's untimely death put to rest any more drama from Abel's past. Or so they thought. Ex wives can be a drag, to be sure but how does a woman combat the ex who causes problems even from beyond the grave? Death Wind is M Jet's short story depicting a chilling account of people haunted instead of a place. A family in the path of the devil. Pick up this read for the thrill of the chill, and get a taste of M Jet's brand of ice cold terror. 7604 words, short story

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  • Release Date: 2013-05-01