Journalists are supposed to report the news, not be it. For Avery Shaw, though, that's easier said than done.
Avery has spent the last month on her boss' list -- you know the one -- and she can't figure out a way to get off it. When a missing person's case involving a wealthy mother in the northern suburbs surfaces, Avery figures the best way to get back in his good graces is break the story of the year.
There's just a few problems standing in her way. First off, she's being stalked online -- and it's starting to make her life difficult. She's also decided to actually start dating the hot pawnshop owner, Eliot, who saved her life a few weeks back. That sounds good in theory, but she's constantly crossing paths with her ex-boyfriend and that tends to make things uncomfortable (to say the least).
When you compound that with the fact that this missing persons case is more than it appears -- and the office tool has been assigned to the story with her -- Avery manages to get in over her head. Again.
Avery is sure that she can work things out to her advantage -- as long as she doesn't die in the pursuit of yet another story in which she manages to get personally involved.

Note: These characters are sarcastic and snarky -- and they do tend to swear when things get out of hand. Read only if you want a good laugh -- and you aren't easily offended. This is the third book in the Avery Shaw Mystery series.