This volume, reformatted to meet current ebook standards such as having an active table of contents, contains the following twenty classic short stories with a primary Mars theme:

1. Plague Ship, by Andre Norton
2. arm of the law, by Henry Harrison
3. Black Amazon of Mars, by Leigh Brackett
4. Keep Out, by Fredric Brown
5. Earthmen Bearing Gifts, by Fredric Brown
6. The Planet Savers, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
7. Gulliver of Mars, by Edwin L. Arnold, Edison’s Conquest of Mars, by Garrett P. Serviss
8. The Old Martians, by Rog Phillips
9. The Terrible Answer, by Arthur G. Hill
10. The Patient Observer and His Friends, by Simeon Strunsky
11. i like martian music, Charles E. Fritch
12. Martian V. F. W., by G. L. Vandenburg
13. Zarlah The Martian, by R. Norman Grisewood
16. The Martian Cabal, by R. F. Starzl
17. One Martian Afternoon, by Tom Leahy
18. The Martian, by A. R. Hilliard and Allen Glasser
19. the man the martians made, by Frank Belknap Long
20. martians never die, by Lucius Daniel