Important research on Greek security, intelligence and military affairs, published by between 2006-2011 are collected in this work. The Greek-Turkish balance of forces and occasional confrontations, as well as Greek intelligence and counter-intelligence reforms and activities are among the subjects discussed, along with terrorism, regional geopolitics and diplomacy.

This significant collection of 13 articles, part of the Special Publications series, presents an 'as it happened' journalistic and analytical view of key events and trends affecting Greek security during a turbulent period for the Middle East and Europe. This treatment includes related security events, threats and factors in play that have involved neighboring countries including, Turkey, Cyprus and Balkan states.

The e-book also offers well-sourced running assessments of transnational organized crime, including illicit weapons, drugs and illegal immigration trends, as well as contemporaneous analyses of specific incidents such as Greek-Turkish aerial dogfights, murky wiretapping scandals, still-unresolved clandestine operations, and special operations between Greece and the EU.

Valuable factual data is also presented in regards to Greek and regional balance of military forces (with statistics), as well as expert insights gleaned from interviews with security practitioners and specialists in Greece.

Studies in Greek Security, 2006-2011 is part of the Special Publications Series. In Times New Roman 12pt font it comes to 82 pages. The total size of the e-book is 30,958 words.

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