What if your hometown hid a terrible secret?

What if the vintage LP you brought home was more than just a record?

What if your neighbor's pond held an evil only you knew about?

What if your dying daughter's only hope lay in a strange shack deep within the Appalachian wilderness?

This collection of fourteen short stories from the author of Containment Room Seven asks those questions and many more. You won't find vampires or zombies here - only pure, dark, unrelenting terror on every page.

"...This guy is scary good!" - Joe McKinney, Stoker nominated author of Quarantine, Flesh Eaters, and Apocalypse of the Dead

"A horror master's sense of scene and scares." - Jonathan Moon, author of Heinous

"... dark, fast and fun...a compelling read." - Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of Sparrow Rock, The Reach, and StarCraft Ghost: Spectres, on Hall's novel Containment Room Seven

  • Binding: Kindle Edition
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  • Release Date: 2011-09-27
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