Better than a pill... Hotter than a stolen tamale... Healthier than a carrot... More helpful than a hotline... Going Bonkers? is a self-help magazine with a sense of humor. Each issue is packed with valuable, real-life solutions to the problems we face everyday -- offering information, motivation and inspiration in the areas of self-help, self-improvement, relationships, family, stress management, and more. Articles are written by doctors, psychologists, therapists, and best-selling authors in an easy-to-read and fun style. Best-selling author Cheryl Richardson wrote the feature article, "The Art of Extreme Self Care." She teaches us how to practice extreme self-care, and how to practically apply it to our own daily lives. This information is a life-changer! Other articles in this issue include: The Confidence Plan: How to Build and Unstoppable You! Boundaries: When to Say Yes, and How to Say NO Stress Eating 101: How to Diet From the Inside Out New Year, New Relationship: Are you Relationship Ready? What's Stopping You?: How to End the Self-Sabotage Cycle Full Cooperation: How to Bring Out the Best in Others Staying Married Without Going Crazy: Practical Tips For Making It Work The Teenage Crisis Cycle: How to Survive the Terrible Teens You Matter! : Loving Yourself Enough to Make Postive Changes in Your Life No Regrets! How to Leave the Past Behind How to Resolve Your Pain, Anger and Resentment Making Time: How to Add More Hours to Your Day Charm School: How to Charm Your Way to Success The Procrastinators Cheat Sheet: Five Radical Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination Believe and Achieve: How To Empower Yourself and Change Your Life Change Your Tape, Change Your Life Turning Resolutions into Reality Stop the Insanity: How to Stop Excessive Worry When Panic Attacks: How to Take Control of Your Anxiety The Truth About Weight Gain! And Much, Much More!