An anthology of genre fiction that embodies the origins of the medium. This is a mix of a variety of styles, from horror and scifi to western and crime fiction. It even has a little dieselpunk thrown in.

From the Foreword:

"I named this anthology Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! for two reasons:
First, I wanted an anthology that represented the spirit of the old pulp magazines, if not the exact style. I wanted something that would be a good cross-section of modern popular fiction and offered an enjoyable read with a little excitement. We have fantastical stories, science fiction, humorous ones, and a little horror for good measure.

"Second, I think the name pulp is representative of new forays into easily accessible and cheaply produced fiction. I remember the first time I looked at the prices set by large publishing houses for their ebooks. It was astounding to see such large prices for downloads when I could go and pay the same price, but receive it in print."

From the back cover:

A collection of original fiction that takes you through the air-pirate filled skies of Over the Sahara, to the brink of madness with A Remarkable Picture, and into the atompunk stars with The Hotel Ceres.

Journey into the heart of temptation in Devil Does Dallas, to the wildly weird west in A Knight Templar in Lincoln County, and to the edge of man's tenuous grasp of reality in Intruders on Geer Bluff. Plus many more!