The Companion Study Guide for The Beauty of Jesus Revealed in the Feasts. Please ensure that you also pick up the book in order to complete this study. When one does not understand the holy days and feasts that the Lord had ordained for His people Israel, one cannot truly understand and appreciate the process that brought our Savior into sinful humanity and eventually to the cross. Like reading only the last half of a beautiful love story, if we ignore or perhaps even dismiss the Older Testament as being “archaic” and “outdated,” we miss the incredible journey that God took in order to win over His bride, the church. To understand the holy days is to appreciate and recognize the heart of God. In The Beauty of Jesus Revealed in the Feasts, we take an in-depth look at the holy feasts set forth by the Lord Himself. You might be learning all of this for the first time, or you may already know how the life of Jesus and future world events are clearly expressed in the feasts. In any case, there are new things to learn each time we open God’s Word. Here’s a brief overview of the feasts that we’ll be discussing: The Spring Feasts: Passover – Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross Feast of Unleavened bread – Jesus’ death and burial Feast of First Fruits – Jesus’ resurrection Feast of Weeks – The birth of the church The Fall Feasts: The Feast of Trumpets -  The rapture of the church The Day of Atonement – The tribulation period The Feast of Tabernacles – The physical return and reign of Jesus on the earth