Enchanted Anthologies presents Falling for Crazy, a dark erotic anthology. Five authors, five love-crazed steamy stories. Caged by M. Rain Ranalli Sabina's spent years locked away at Meadows Estates, a place where the employees use their patients for pleasure. Desperate for revenge, she uses the only hand she has left to play; Jaxson, an orderly, unlike the rest. After falling into Sabina's web, how far will Jaxson go to prove his love to someone who isn't capable of feeling anything? Following by J. V. Stanley Jess is following her husband, Mike around after a huge fight. They haven't spoken in months and she doesn't understand why. When she finds out her husband rekindled a friendship with an old flame, her jealous rage is fueled by her narcissism, which will be her undoing. Falling for You by Rita Delude Alicia Stamois’ family is damaged. Alicia’s a shrink who knows how to play head games better than most, so she puts her training to work on her plan. Her plan includes a pen pal, a prisoner, and a proper punishment. For Alicia, love matters most. Mosaic Monsters by Erin Lee He isn’t sure who it hurts most but, again, doesn’t ask. He knows better. He wishes she would say the safe words she’s never used: Spider Monkey. He also knows it won’t ever happen. Jazzy has something to prove. To who? Aniridia by LJC Fynn Aniridia: An absence of the Iris in the eye. Her father could buy her anything in the world she could want, possibly even her eyesight back. She only wanted two things; a life that didn’t involve her father, and Anand. Iris Manchester will have to decide if loosing pieces of herself was worth more than acquiring the only things that her father’s money couldn’t buy. Anand was deadly, with only one weakness-her. He had more than a weakness, Anand was obsessed. Iris was naïve in brutal world. Iris was optimistic, even when she had every right for her rage to take over. She was the one person off limits to him, and the one person he couldn’t stop obsessing about. She will never know his secret. Iris will never know about his disorder, Anand won’t allow it.