This book is a compilation of research conducted by a class of high school seniors at St. Andrew's Episcopal School. At the commencement of the class we worked to pay homage to the ambiguous murder of African American Daniel Brown in 19th century Baltimore, Maryland. Our end goal was to create a book that embodied our research and our own unique views on the topic. We worked as a collective to compile our findings into a historical narrative while juggling our struggles to find extensive information on the murder itself. As the class progressed our research took us down a path we had not foreseen at the start. We realized that the death of one African American man echoed a greater pattern in nineteenth century Baltimore. Our research propelled us towards the intricate relationship between African Americans and immigrant Irish in America during the 1800s. Throughout this process, we encountered many roadblocks, leading to the evolution of our thesis and book as a whole. In the end, we hope that our book sheds light on the larger implications that the murder of Daniel Brown represents. We acknowledge that our research is limited in certain areas, but we stress that our overarching goal was to encapsulate our own distinct take on the murder.