"Dear Reader" is a 2018 Scars Publications poetry and prose book with material from assorted writers and artists, as the March 2018 issue release of the literary magazine "Down in the Dirt" (http://scars.tv/dirt). Since 2014 "Down in the Dirt" magazine is released every other month (and sometimes with bonus issues) as a 6"x9" perfect-bound paperback book, with not only it's usual ISSN# (print ISSN# 1554-9623 and Internet ISSN# 1554-9666), but also an ISBN#. Because of ISBN# releases, all issues now carry a title to accompany the new format, reflecting the writing inside the book as well as the cover design. Writers and artists included in this Scars Publications perfect-bound 6" x 9" ISBN# paperback book include Adam Kluger, Allan Onik, Anna Kander, Bekah Steimel, Cecelia Burton, Chris O'Halloran, Christina Kosch, Daniel David Sapp, David Turton, Doug Hawley, Douglas J. Ogurek, Drew Marshall, Fabrice Poussin, Janet Kuypers, Jeri Langert, Johann Sam, Jon Wesick, Kevin Z. Garvey, M.C. Rydel, Marc McMahon, Martina Comorkova, Michael Miller, Rebecca Kelly, S. Clay Sparkman, Shane Ryan Bailey, Stefanie Bennett, Carolyn Poindexter, Edward Michael O'Durr Supranowicz, Eleanor Leonne Bennett, J. Ray Paradiso, Olivier Schopfer, and Rene Diedrich.