The Unicorn Wellness Handbook is a handbook of wellness tips from the practical to the magical written by Tandy Gutierrez. Tandy Gutierrez is an internationally recognized educator in the fitness & wellness industry. She is the founder & creator of, an online studio that is a wellness home for members in over 50 countries since 2013. She is the creator and author of the 30 Days to Better online wellness courses. She has honed a unique style of body, mind and spirit wellness that is kind, intelligent, loving, intuitive and healing. Have you tasted what it's like to feel amazing every day? Have you started a conversation with your earthly body and your divine spirit that ditches the mindset that you can't feel vibrant, the false paradigms of the fitness industry, and the packaged products that pass for food, and creates space for quiet, calm, and grounded ritual and magic in your life? When you have, there is no point going back to your old ways. When you have, you honor the unicorn that you really are. It’s not a dream, it’s not beyond your reach, it isn’t made up magic. It’s real. Your destiny calls you to sparkle and shine! Your destiny calls you to show up in the world as your best and most magical self. Not out of perfection but out of the unicorn blend of intellect and magic that always aim for the good, strives for the better and protects love, hope, and the childlike wonder that lies inside all of us, regardless of age. What we program our brains and hearts to believe … our bodies represent. Being a unicorn looks like this: Thoughtful, calm and intelligent workouts on, hydration, cracking your food code, weekly self-care, ample rest and weekly spiritual rituals of meditation and tarot. Read and practice the tactics in this handbook to call upon your inner unicorn and show up in the world with the maximum amount of sparkle and shine!