Nine stores of steam and dread from the Gallery of Curiosities vaults, selected for the waning months of the year. Witness the mayhem of a full contact mechanized walker races; hear a witch-child's recollection of the Red Revolution; tour a quiet village which carefully cares for its restless dead; meet a society of strange women operating under the auspices of the Crown, and more. Adventures from times that never were await you inside this first collection of stories.

Curiosities is the first of a new collection of speculative fiction short stories curated for readers of retropunkish tendencies. We do hope to bring you many more in the years to come.


  • The Mark V Eleganté by Nelson Stanley (UK)
  • Bright and Falling Like an Avenging Angel by Shane Halbach (USA)
  • Patron of the Arts by Tricia Owens (USA)
  • Honeyed Tongue by Deborah L. Davitt (USA)
  • Approximations That Gradually Approach The Truth by David M. Hoenig (USA)   
  • After Nightfall  by David A. Riley (UK)
  • There Was a Nicholas Once by Alexis Lantgen (USA)
  • The Seven O'Clock Man by Kate Heartfield (Canada)
  • All Through The House by Joachim Heijndermans (Netherlands)