This book is all about raising up youngsters who know their God, can understand his word and will let him impact their lives in a deep and meaningful way. As you can see, this volume contains 62 sessions for church based youth workers to teach young people. These meeting plans have been used and re-used, tweaked and rewritten. I’ve tried and tested this material over the course of 10+ years with various groups of young people as a week in week out Bible teaching series. INSPIRE is aimed at doing just what it says on the front: inspiring youngsters. Through mystery, suspense and discovery we can help our youth to understand and apply the Bible to their lives. A wise man once said, “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, but give him a fishing rod and teach him to fish and you will feed him for life.” INSPIRE will provide you with the tools to train youngsters to "catch fish” for themselves; to gain a mind-set that can understand and correctly interpret the Bible throughout their lives. I believe this is really important for our youngsters to make it in adult life. Some young people can feel alienated from the Bible, simply because they read and don’t understand. This resource gives youngsters a greater confidence in understanding the Bible. The “science” behind each session Each week the teaching develops through four stages of interactive discussion: Stage 1) Establishing what’s happening Stage 2) Identifying the key parts of the text Stage 3) Applying what's there to today’s situation Stage 4) Understanding what God is saying today These discussion questions are aimed at developing the way young people read and interpret the Bible. Two volumes of this useful resource will take your young people chronologically through the Bible from Adam and Eve in the Old Testament, to Timothy in the New Testament. Each week has a meeting plan with icebreakers, text to read, discussion points and helpful answers for the leader to know what the questions are getting at. This is a very versatile resource that provides several years’ worth of teaching material. Perfect for busy youth workers!